I create digital & future-friendly platforms for the modern Web

I am a German freelance front-end designer focusing on HTML, CSS & Sass.

I craft and design digital platforms for more than seven years. I graduated in Media-Design, work with teams and companies across the globe and I am a good partner for web and design agencies (remote or locally).

Curriculum Vitae (german)

I’m an expert in:

  • Front-end Design: scalabale, maintainable and responsive websites
  • Building living style guides / pattern libraries
  • CSS Architecture (Sass)
  • Crafting static front-end prototypes
  • Doing Screendesign in Sketch, Photoshop or Browser
  • Creating workflows for teams with front-end tools like Gulp
  • Establish a CMS (Kirby) for small websites

I’m not an expert in:

  • Establish a CMS for large websites
  • I can not do backend development
  • Programming large applications (I am not a JS-Guy)
  • Creating wireframes or concept work

About my tools and coding principles

In every project I put my eyes on maintainable, scalable and future-friendly front-ends. I build components instead of pages and I am using Pattern Libraries to have a technical styleguide, which help teams to work together. My structure of code is based on coding-standards and I am not a Hipster-Coder. It is my passion to use the right tools to solve real problems.



Remote or Locally? Wherever. I work with teams and companies across the globe and craft beautiful digital platforms.

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I am available for hire. I am specialized in CSS architecture, Pattern LibrariesResponsive Websites, Styleguides and clean front-end foundations.

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